Month: October 2021

Potpourri Printables with Commercial Rights

If you love to work with herbs, harvest your own flowers and other botanicals, and would like to lend a professional organizational touch to your herbal concoctions then take a look at this beautiful potpourri printables package from Sue at Createful Journals.

You’ll be able to list ingredients, preserve details of your recipes, and record your best blends to refer to year after year.

Potpourri printables from Createful Journals


You get the commercial rights to change the printable pages any way you like and resell as your own

This digital product would make a great gift to share or sell to your online audience of herbalists, gardeners and shamans.

Please note, this includes digital files only. You will not receive a physical product with this purchase. This document is fully customizable and can be multi-purposed again and again.

Explore what’s included and view samples of this lovely package of Potpourri Printables

Set Your Goals Workbook with PLR Rights

Can you use some really nice, professional quality coaching materials? Have you thought about the value of offering goal setting tools for your clients?

Even if you are not a life coach or a business coach, even if you’re just a person who loves to get ideas and tasks on paper, this goal setting workbook will help you… well honestly, achieve your goals LOL.

Check out the Set Your Goals Workbook from Thrive Anywhere. With private label rights to sell or share as your own digital product!

I’m writing this around Halloween. At this phase of the business game, not setting goals can really hurt people like us who work for ourselves and need to constantly be setting plans in motion.

On the other hand, if you and or your clients are already in good shape with goals, this type of simple but highly actionable tool can take you to the next level as far as income goes.

Should you use this right away? Sure, if you have space in your schedule. But if not you can tuck it away to use and reuse in the near and distant future.

Quarter 4 is a very profitable time of the year, or at least can be if you come in prepared. People are in a spending and expansive mindset at this time. Makes this a good time to pull out a goals workbook.

Quarter one (January to April) also hits the ground running, but more of the thrifty people typically fall off the wagon after they get the Christmas credit card bill. If you want to attract the ballsy kind who are ready to jump into what’s next, then have this Set Your Goals workbook in your back pocket to use with clients who are up for the challenge.

Even if you don’t get a chance to use this in the busy Thanksgiving and Holiday season, even if you fall behind after the turn of the new year, you can whip this out in the spring, the summer, or any season after because setting goals never goes out of style.

Honestly, anybody who is not ready to set goals working with a coach maybe should not be working with a coach. In fact, I would recommend that every single coach have a viable tool to help clients set and reach goals.

This professional quality client material can be used in any number of ways. You can sell it on your website. You can give it away. You can include it as an add-on for people who sign up for your coaching packages. You can take it out to work on with individual clients. And anything else you can think of.

Lynette of Thrive Anywhere creates some of the best quality content around. They call it low content I guess, but there’s nothing low about this. High quality. High profit potential. Something to take your coaching skills into the tangible realm. A great, reusable template to add to your toolbox and find multiple purposes for use.

Check out the Set Your Goals workbook now, this one is definitely a coach’s keeper!

Christmas Planner Bundle from PLR Beach. Includes Commercial Rights – Product Retires in Fall 2021!

Need a terrific Christmas Printables bundle to use in your digital product creation? 

This gorgeous planner pack from PLR Beach is a must-have for your audience of holiday preppers.

Includes a Recipe Planner, Party Planner, Dear Santa Letter, 5 Penguin coloring Images, and Snowflake Coloring Mandalas. 

All digital products in this package are completely customizable to resell in your Etsy or another store. You get the PowerPoint files to rebrand it however you’d like and also the PDFs.

The 5 snowflake mandalas coloring images and penguin coloring images are perfect to resell in your store as well. Add them to journals and publish on Amazon KDP as part of a coloring book. Files come in PNG format with a transparent background. 

Package includes full PLR rights and commercial rights so you can resell them in your shop.

Go here to explore the Christmas Planner Bundle from PLR Beach in more detail.

PLEASE NOTE, THIS DIGITAL PRODUCT WILL RETIRE AFTER OCTOBER 2021. Hurry and add to your collection now!

Thanksgiving Printables Bundle from PLR Beach | Digital Products with Commercial Resell Rights

Thanksgiving products are selling like hotcakes on Etsy and Amazon KDP. Get in on this hot holiday nice today with this amazing bundle of PLR goodies from Becky Beach of PLR Beach!

Includes over 30 clipart, 24 digital papers, 2 sticker sheets for Cricut users, and over 30 digital stickers included in this bundle too! It’s a great value to sell for Thanksgiving and make lots of money! You can split the products up to sell separately (except for the clipart) or sell it as a big bundle for more money. The planner template comes in 8.5 x 11, 8 x 10, and A4 sizes and has 25 pages. You get both the PowerPoint, PDF, and Canva templates!

Explore the Thanksgiving Printables Bundle from PLR Beach now

Christmas, Holiday Coloring Pages with Commercial Resell Rights

Stock up on Christmas coloring pages before the holidays! These come with private label rights and commercial resale rights. So you can use them in your own products that you sell on your website.

Here’s a sneak peek at all of the coloring pages PLR packages available from Color Monthly!

Choose from the following Christmas themed coloring packs:

  • Silly Santa coloring pages
  • Vintage Santa coloring pages
  • Christmas party coloring pages and planner

Visit Color Monthly to explore their selection of Christmas coloring pages with private label and commercial rights

33-Page Wedding Planner | Printable Product with Commercial Rights

Who’s getting married? Is it you? Your BFF? The brides on your wedding website? Your wedding planner clientele? The bride-to-be can use a go-to helper to track all the plans and preparation that will go into this momentous occasion. This expertly designed printable wedding planner makes the perfect organizational tool to ensure that her dream wedding goes off without a hitch.

What aspects of the wedding plans can be organized using this helpful, printable wedding planner with commercial rights to resell on your website?

Just about everything!

  • Wedding venue
  • Catering
  • Hotel bookings
  • Bridal party details
  • Ceremony
  • Musicians
  • Guest list and RSPV’s
  • and much more!

How can you create profits for your wedding website or wedding planner business using this printable product?

  • Offer it as an opt-in gift for people who find your wedding blog and might want to sign up for your list
  • Take it out to help wedding planner clients manage their event
  • Add your company logo and other details, edit any way you like, and sell as a stand-alone printable product
  • Include it as a part of your wedding planner website package

NOTE: This is a printable product. Digital file included only. You will not receive a physical item when you order this planner.

Explore what you get with a flip-through of the printable Wedding Planner from, here.

Pregnancy Planner, Beautifully Designed, Pregnancy Journal and Printables

Searching for a gift for expectant moms that’s both practical and sentimental? Do you run a pregnancy website where you share tips and advice for expecting mamas? This printable pregnancy planner from Jenn at includes everything a soon-to-be mom needs to prepare and keep track of before baby’s arrival. It’s a must-have if you offer printables to your customers, or if planners are your thing at home!

Finding out you’re going to have a baby is one of the most exciting and life-changing pieces of news you’ll ever receive. It’s a time of joyful anticipation. The nesting instinct is strong, and mom will want to be sure that she’s taking extra good care of herself and baby. From that first doctor’s visit, to hosting a gender reveal party, to readying the nursery, to tracking prenatal appointments and logging symptoms… there’s so much to plan and prepare before baby’s arrival.

Offer this Professional Quality, Printable Pregnancy Planner to the Expectant Mama(s) in Your Life.

This pregnancy planner serves as the perfect memory-keeper to look back on with great love at a very special time of life. Created by Jenn at, you can print it out for personal use, or set it up to sell or give away to your readers searching for pregnancy advice.

Ideas for Use:

  • Turn into a Print on Demand Product – add your company logo and other details
  • Give away as an opt-in to attract new readers to your list
  • Use the pages to create new products from what’s there

NOTE: This is a printable product. Digital file included only. You will not receive a physical item when you order this planner.

The Pregnancy Planner comes with private label and commercial rights. Learn more on Jenn’s site here.


Offer a Fermentation Class | Try Mason Jar Fermenting with This Handy Planner for Food Preservation | Commercial Resell Rights Included

Fermentation is a food preservation method that has regained interest in these uncertain times. It’s an easy way to increase gut-friendly bacteria to promote healthy digestion. It’s also a way to make your harvest go the distance.

Like any preservation method, there’s a right and wrong way to ferment foods. Whether you’re trying your own recipe for kimchi, brining pickles, making homemade sauerkraut or brewing beer, fermentation has its own, necessary special process to follow. If a recipe could be considered food science, fermentation is the next step up. You need to be fastidious with record keeping and write those exact measurements and processes down for repeat use.

This Fermentation Planner Will Help You Stay Organized With Food Preservation This Harvest Season

Are you already an expert in making fermented foods? Or are you someone who’s looking to experiment with fermentation? In either case, this fermentation planner from Planning Addicts will be a must-have for your old-fashioned kitchen. Gardeners will love taking their harvest to the next level – preservation of nutritious foods to sustain hunger over the long winter and beyond. An amazing way to stretch the food budget and enjoy healthy, homegrown produce and other favorite foods year-round.

Here are some things you might try fermenting at home:

  • Sourdough breads
  • Home brewed beer
  • Salami
  • Yogurt
  • Cheese
  • Cucumbers
  • Green beans
  • Cabbage
  • Beets
  • Green tomatoes
  • Horseradish

What can you do with this Fermentation Planner with Commercial Resell Rights?

  • Share for free as an opt-in gift to get new subscribers on your list of Food Preservation tip seekers, food blog fans, gardening enthusiasts or simple living and homesteading readers
  • Use it to plan and organize your own fermentation projects
  • Offer it to students when they sign up for your in-person or virtual fermentation classes that you might hold around beer brewing, making kombucha, preparing kimchi, pickling foods to preserve in Mason jars, or any other workshop of this type

NOTE: This is a printable product. Digital file included only. You will not receive a physical item when you order this planner.

Explore what you get with the printable Fermentation Planner from

Beat Budgeting Blues. Budgeting Planner Includes Commercial and PLR Rights

Need a great looking budget planner to help you in your work with clients? Looking for a great opt-in gift to get more subscribers to sign up for your financial services website? Are you a business coach who loves to tackle budgeting challenges with clients and teach people how to get better at budgeting?

You’ll find endless uses for this Budgeting Planner that includes commercial resell rights.

  • You get to change it any way you like, including altering the design or colors.
  • Add your company logo and contact info.
  • Share this high quality budgeting planner to get more people to sign up for your list.
  • Sell this budgeting planner on your website. It’s easy to set up as a digital product for instant download.
  • Find handy uses for this planner in your own personal or business budget

NOTE: This is a printable product. Digital file included only. You will not receive a physical item when you order this planner.

Explore what you get with Jenn’s Budgeting Planner with PLR rights here.

100 Days to Develop a Habit of Gratefulness Journal | Gratitude Journal with PLR or Commercial Rights

Did you know that getting into a gratitude practice brings its share of mental and physical health benefits? Taking time each day to focus on what you have to be thankful about releases calming, feel-good chemicals in the brain. It’s a perfect activity to help you wind down after a busy day and ease into the bedtime hour prepared for a restful, sound sleep.

A Gratitude Journal Will Set You on the Path to a More Grateful Life

Over time, keeping up with a gratitude practice will help you relieve stress and improve focus. Studies have shown that people who commit to a daily gratitude practice enjoy the following:

  • Feeling calmer in general
  • Decrease in anxiety
  • Less likely to become depressed
  • Deeper, more restful sleep
  • Improved ability to concentrate
  • Relationships are less strained
  • Communication is easier and less stressful
  • Getting more done in the course of a day
  • Improved immune function

Lynette of Thrive Anywhere has a beautiful, gratitude themed journal that you can offer to clients as a paid product, group coaching challenge, or use one on one in your work with clients.

Go here to learn what’s included with Lynette’s 100 Days to Develop a Habit of Gratefulness Journal with commercial resell rights.