Anger Reflection Journal – Help Clients Work Through Emotional Blocks

Anger is a common theme that people need help working through. Your coaching clients or counseling patients likely struggle with some heavy emotions. Do you have material prepared to them come to terms with how they feel, so they can move past what blocks them and onto awareness, forgiveness and a peaceful heart?

The Anger Reflection Journal will help you help your clients put a name to the intense feeling known as anger, so they can move past troubling emotions that weigh so heavily on their mind and heart. This beautiful, professional quality journaling content package comes with private label rights. You get to add your logo, branding and other company details, change it in any way you like, and sell as your own.

Anger Reflection Journal from Thrive Anywhere

What can you do with an anger reflection journal?

  • Sell it as a standalone product on your website
  • Add it as an upsell from emails that you send out
  • Share the journal for clients to work on individually
  • Offer it as a themed, group coaching class
  • Anything else you can think of to help people move through difficult emotions that hold them back from living and engaging meaningfully

Go here to pick up your own copy of this anger management journal content template now