April Product Creation Challenge About to Start. Jump in!

Have you been dabbling in the printables niche and wanting to get serious with your online business?

How about making some great connections with other printables creators for joint venture or affiliate income possibilities and such?

Now’s your chance to jump in the game!

It’s the last day to sign up for Lori Winslow’s April content product listing challenge.

Interested in learning how to grow an online business where you create and sell printables and digital products?

Many in the industry call this low content. Basically the way this works is that you can make printables that you sell the creative rights to online by recreating a new product from a former template.

You can also sell the printable product directly, meaning with personal usage rights, to your website followers, as an Etsy listing, on Kindle direct and other sites like Shopify.

Some creators sell their own templates so you can get the commercial rights to morph this into something original and then put your own spin on it to sell.

Or you can decide to create your designs from scratch, and offer them with private label rights for other printables creators.

The win happens when all of the printables folks pull together to become each other’s affiliate!

I don’t actually sell printables. I’m sticking to my talent which is writing, but I have a great respect for these ladies and the work they do. It complements what I do, so you get the full package.

If you feel comfortable around computers and methodical in your approach to creating things online then this could become a nice income stream for you.

Or it could become your main source of income all working from the comfort and convenience of home!

Jump in for Lori Winslow’s content creation challenge! Start profiting in the lucrative printables niche

Lori Winslow is someone who I have recently become acquainted with. She has teamed up with Jenn from Planning Addicts who creates terrific printables with resale rights. These girls have some great resellable digital products in store but I’ll tell you about that on another day.

For now, if you want to get in on the action and start earning money by creating and selling digital products and using plenty of smart tricks and shortcuts, Lori has an April training course that she’s running via Zoom.

It’s a product creation challenge, so you get to actually build your printables business as you use this.

Heads up, Lori uses PowerPoint to make printables so that’s what you’ll be learning

You’ll actually get going on making some money online with a website where you create low content designs, give customers access and grant them the right to use your creations in their own business.

Your April Product Creation Challenge with Lori…

List one product a day for 30 days

Go here to learn more and get in on the action

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