Blank, Undated Weekly Planner Templates

A printed planner is a handy thing to have. If you work as a business coach or life coach online, this is something your clients and followers will appreciate. From the perspective of your online audience, a planner helps people stay organized, set and achieve goals. It’s something tangible that you can hold in your hands and write on. In the stressed-out information age when smart phones nag us worse than an overbearing helicopter mom, it’s a relief to be able to pick up your planner and a pen and keep your intentions concrete and reality-based.

Generic, Weekly Planner Pages with Bonus Ecovers and Extra Blank Pages

You’ll find tons of themed planners and other types of low content on this website, they’re my recommendations from trusted printable content creators. But there are times when only generic will do. That’s why Sue of Createful Journals has made this set of blank planner pages that you can basically turn into anything you want.

What if you don’t like orange planners?

Yes, the pages of this planner have been styled orange. But if that’s not your color, you get to edit this, change colors, add your logo, switch to a different font… and you can even add dates. If you want… no pressure!

How can you use this blank planner to grow your list and get repeat business?

  • Offer the planner as a gift that people can download via a link once they sign up to hear from you on email.
  • Send a link to the planner as part of your coaching welcome package.
  • Insert the planner into your next journaling course, ebook or coaching package.
  • Print out copies of the planner and hand them out at your next in-person event.
  • Print out copies to distribute at your next in-person workshop or class.
  • Sell the planner from a sales page on your website.
  • Edit the planner design and morph it into something new – then sell or give away that!

Go here to see what’s included and order this blank, undated planner pack