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Business Journal with Written Content – Private Label Rights Product

Your business coaching clients and entrepreneur audience would love a business journal to help them get clear on goals, focus on success, and celebrate their business accomplishments.

Offer them professional quality Canva journal pages and written content from Coach Glue.  You get a professionally designed Canva journal template, PLUS direction and ideas for how to use the journal.

Coach Glue’s Advice for Using this Journal Template in Your Business:

  • Invite your followers to a “Daily Journal Challenge”.  Run it from Facebook, your member area, or via email.
  • Add video! Record yourself introducing the journaling challenge for each day. Send or share the link to the video so your users can follow along.
  • Do a “self-coaching” version where your buyers can download an ebook version of the journal to work on during their free time.* (My own addition)

How to order and use the Dream Business Journal content:

Download the content package. Click the provided Canva journal link, and log in. Save it as your own copy. Add your branding and edits, and then save as a PDF.
Upload your PDF document to your web server, then set up the product for sale. When your customers make a purchase, they can download the journal immediately.

This journal is regularly $47. Use coupon code 50 to get this done-for-you coaching content product at half price! Offer ends Thursday, July 21, 2022 at midnight.

Go here to read more about the Coach Glue Dream Business Journal, and order.


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Affiliate Marketing for Beginners Workbook with PLR and Commercial Rights

Affiliate marketing involves much more than simply sharing a link. People who generate lots of income from affiliate sales plan the publishing, marketing and promotional schedules just as if these were their own products that they created.

If your internet marketing students or online business clients need help strategizing and executing plans to create affiliate income, this is the perfect workbook package to teach them what they need to know. Private label rights means that as the purchaser of this product, you get to learn from what’s included, and then you can use it to create profits.

This printable product reflects the quality and professionalism that you have come to expect from Lynette of Thrive Anywhere. Use it in your work with clients. Set it up as an opt-in gift to grow your list. Or just tuck it away to use when you want to generate affiliate income for your own business online.

Reduced pricing is in effect now through July 12, 2022.

Go here to see exactly what you get with the Affiliate Marketing for Beginners Workbook Printables package.


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Launch Your Printables Business with the Fresh Start Bundle from Color Monthly

Not only does Rayven of Color Monthly run her printables business like a champ but she also packages up starter kits for people who want to do what she does.

If you’re ready to catapult into the highly lucrative printables market in 2022 then check out what Rayven has put together for you.

December 9 through December 19th you got a special offer on this which I’m going to share right here.

The basic package is just $27 and deluxe is $47.

Check out everything you get to start building your own coloring page based printable product


Set Your Goals Workbook with PLR Rights

Can you use some really nice, professional quality coaching materials? Have you thought about the value of offering goal setting tools for your clients?

Even if you are not a life coach or a business coach, even if you’re just a person who loves to get ideas and tasks on paper, this goal setting workbook will help you… well honestly, achieve your goals LOL.

Check out the Set Your Goals Workbook from Thrive Anywhere. With private label rights to sell or share as your own digital product!

I’m writing this around Halloween. At this phase of the business game, not setting goals can really hurt people like us who work for ourselves and need to constantly be setting plans in motion.

On the other hand, if you and or your clients are already in good shape with goals, this type of simple but highly actionable tool can take you to the next level as far as income goes.

Should you use this right away? Sure, if you have space in your schedule. But if not you can tuck it away to use and reuse in the near and distant future.

Quarter 4 is a very profitable time of the year, or at least can be if you come in prepared. People are in a spending and expansive mindset at this time. Makes this a good time to pull out a goals workbook.

Quarter one (January to April) also hits the ground running, but more of the thrifty people typically fall off the wagon after they get the Christmas credit card bill. If you want to attract the ballsy kind who are ready to jump into what’s next, then have this Set Your Goals workbook in your back pocket to use with clients who are up for the challenge.

Even if you don’t get a chance to use this in the busy Thanksgiving and Holiday season, even if you fall behind after the turn of the new year, you can whip this out in the spring, the summer, or any season after because setting goals never goes out of style.

Honestly, anybody who is not ready to set goals working with a coach maybe should not be working with a coach. In fact, I would recommend that every single coach have a viable tool to help clients set and reach goals.

This professional quality client material can be used in any number of ways. You can sell it on your website. You can give it away. You can include it as an add-on for people who sign up for your coaching packages. You can take it out to work on with individual clients. And anything else you can think of.

Lynette of Thrive Anywhere creates some of the best quality content around. They call it low content I guess, but there’s nothing low about this. High quality. High profit potential. Something to take your coaching skills into the tangible realm. A great, reusable template to add to your toolbox and find multiple purposes for use.

Check out the Set Your Goals workbook now, this one is definitely a coach’s keeper!

Beat Budgeting Blues. Budgeting Planner Includes Commercial and PLR Rights

Need a great looking budget planner to help you in your work with clients? Looking for a great opt-in gift to get more subscribers to sign up for your financial services website? Are you a business coach who loves to tackle budgeting challenges with clients and teach people how to get better at budgeting?

You’ll find endless uses for this Budgeting Planner that includes commercial resell rights.

  • You get to change it any way you like, including altering the design or colors.
  • Add your company logo and contact info.
  • Share this high quality budgeting planner to get more people to sign up for your list.
  • Sell this budgeting planner on your website. It’s easy to set up as a digital product for instant download.
  • Find handy uses for this planner in your own personal or business budget

NOTE: This is a printable product. Digital file included only. You will not receive a physical item when you order this planner.

Explore what you get with Jenn’s Budgeting Planner with PLR rights here.

Coach Glue “Plan Your Business Dream Journal” with PLR Rights

Ready to press start on your profit-generating business goals? Your clients are too, and now you don’t have to come up with a plan to begin work with them. Coach Glue everything all laid out for you.

Pick up their done-for-you teaching package titled “Plan Your Business Dream Journal”. Add your logo and any other details you’d like to include. Then get to work with clients on business journaling goals.

Wondering what’s included with the Plan Your Business Dream Journal? Find out on Coach Glue’s website.

Next time a business coaching content comes to you wanting to turn dreams into plans into profit, you’ll be ready. Meanwhile, here’s a screen shot of what your clients will see once they open this document that you send to them:

Learn more about the Coach Glue Plan Your Business Dream Journal here

“Leverage the Power of Tools and Team” Workbook from Coach Glue

Automation & Systems: How to Leverage the Power of Tools and Team

(That was a screen shot of the deliverable)

The goal, as indicated in this coach’s workbook title that’s quite a mouthful, is to use automation and systems in your business so you can free up your time and get back to doing what you love.

This package includes a 53 page workbook to brand and sell as your own.

Want to turn this coaching workbook into video content to sell or share with your followers?

The workbook package even includes a step-by-step video script to teach the content.

Here’s what’s included:

  • 53-page workbook. Your clients will love having this workbook that they can download or print off.
  • Complete Training Script. Simply tweak the content to suit you. Then record a video teaching the content, or host a livestream if that’s your jam.
  • Prewritten Product Page. This alone is worth hundreds of dollars because you won’t have to struggle to write copy, or to hire an expensive copywriter.
  • 21 Facebook posts. We want you to sell your products, so we included FB posts you can hand to your VA or social media manager to upload to spread the word.

Learn more about the “Automation & Systems: How to Leverage the Power of Tools and Team” Coach’s workbook/video script package, and order on the Coach Glue website!

Beautiful “Win the Home Stretch” Business Coaching Workbook Printable Package

Lynette Chandler’s printable packs are a sight to behold. If you’re in the market for some truly professional quality business coaching content that’s a pleasure to look at and will put you leagues above other coaches, grab some printables from her Thrive Anywhere website.

It’s the 4th quarter and your clients want to finish out the year on a high note. 

The Win the Home Stretch printable coach’s workbook will get them in a revenue-generating mindset with your coaching expertise to guide the way.

Here are some ideas for how you can use this workbook with private label rights in your coaching business:

  • Pull it out to use individually with clients.
  • Walk through the activities during your next group coaching workshop
  • Give away the workbook as a free gift to get people on your list and excited to work with you as their coach.

Once you begin using this workbook to help your clients make plans, follow through with those plans, and create more profits in their business, you’ll begin to realize how valuable coaching materials like this are to take your own business to the next level of professionalism.

Explore exactly what you get with the printable Win the Home Stretch workbook package, and order on the Thrive Anywhere website.


Work from Home Planner with Commercial Rights | Clean, Professional Design Template

If you run an internet based business or niche website, then this work from home planner is for you. It’s perfect for personal use to get organized with your business plans, including internet selling and publishing. Better still, you can offer this as an opt-in gift to attract more subscribers to your list. Coaches, too, can use this planner as the basis of your work with clients.

One example is the quarterly goals section. Lots of folks who run websites in any of the major fields including business, tech, health and wellness, beauty, home and family, relationships, self help and more will appreciate having a handy planning tool to help them generate income in the final quarter of the year. Your clients, too, will want to finish off the year with some dollar signs, and this planner can help them get there.

These are just two screen shot examples of the planner pages. Explore the full work-from-home planner pack here

What’s included with this package?

  • Printable / Editable Planner Files
  • Digital / Editable Planner files
  • Commercial and Private Label Rights

PLEASE NOTE: This is a digital product. No physical items will be sent.

Learn more about what you get with the Work from Home Planner