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Business Journal with Written Content – Private Label Rights Product

Your business coaching clients and entrepreneur audience would love a business journal to help them get clear on goals, focus on success, and celebrate their business accomplishments.

Offer them professional quality Canva journal pages and written content from Coach Glue.  You get a professionally designed Canva journal template, PLUS direction and ideas for how to use the journal.

Coach Glue’s Advice for Using this Journal Template in Your Business:

  • Invite your followers to a “Daily Journal Challenge”.  Run it from Facebook, your member area, or via email.
  • Add video! Record yourself introducing the journaling challenge for each day. Send or share the link to the video so your users can follow along.
  • Do a “self-coaching” version where your buyers can download an ebook version of the journal to work on during their free time.* (My own addition)

How to order and use the Dream Business Journal content:

Download the content package. Click the provided Canva journal link, and log in. Save it as your own copy. Add your branding and edits, and then save as a PDF.
Upload your PDF document to your web server, then set up the product for sale. When your customers make a purchase, they can download the journal immediately.

This journal is regularly $47. Use coupon code 50 to get this done-for-you coaching content product at half price! Offer ends Thursday, July 21, 2022 at midnight.

Go here to read more about the Coach Glue Dream Business Journal, and order.


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Coach Glue “Plan Your Business Dream Journal” with PLR Rights

Ready to press start on your profit-generating business goals? Your clients are too, and now you don’t have to come up with a plan to begin work with them. Coach Glue everything all laid out for you.

Pick up their done-for-you teaching package titled “Plan Your Business Dream Journal”. Add your logo and any other details you’d like to include. Then get to work with clients on business journaling goals.

Wondering what’s included with the Plan Your Business Dream Journal? Find out on Coach Glue’s website.

Next time a business coaching content comes to you wanting to turn dreams into plans into profit, you’ll be ready. Meanwhile, here’s a screen shot of what your clients will see once they open this document that you send to them:

Learn more about the Coach Glue Plan Your Business Dream Journal here

71-Page Pinterest Planner from Coach Glue – HOT Topic for Your Business Coaching Clients

Become the Pinterest profits authority. But don’t do this the long way if you’re not too familiar with the finer points of Pinterest. Instead, get advice straight from the experts with this step by step Pinterest planner that you can use in your own biz first, then turn around and offer as a paid product to help your clients follow your lead and be the it-marketer on Pinterest!

Check out what you get with the 71 page Pinterest Planner from Coach Glue:

Step 1: Power Up Your Pinning Success & Profits

Step 2: Master Your Magic Strategy To Maximize Traffic

Step 3: Nail Your Niche to Explode Your Viral Status

Step 4: Showcase Your Expertise with Carefully Curated Boards

Step 5: Pin with Ease to Rapidly Attract Your Dreamy Leads

Step 6: Skyrocket Your Traffic for Generating A Captivated and Buying Audience

Step 7: Fuel Your Pinterest Marketing with Data-Driven Decisions

Explore the Pinterest planner from Coach Glue now

Self Love Journal from Coach Glue

Searching for a strong journaling themed printable product to use with your life coaching clients? Check out Coach Glue’s Self-Love for Wildly Creative Women Journal with PLR rights.

If you don’t care for the title they chose, you can totally come up with something fresh and different that suits your own branding. All of this is fully customizable. You can use it again and again creating a different theme each time.

This high quality, professionally created content comes to you in three different files. You get the polished version in a Canva template, as well as PowerPoint and MS Word. So you get to tweak this up in any program of those that you feel most comfortable using.

Explore the Self Love Journal Printable Pack on Coach Glue’s site

Abundance Journal from Coach Glue is Perfect to Use with Clients

The Coach Glue Abundance Journal is perfect to use with your coaching clients.

Help your life coaching and business coaching clients change their mindset around money so they can finally begin to attract wealth in all aspects of life.

Address the following mental money blocks to help clients succeed financially and learn to attract wealth:

  • Letting go of their “money stuff” for good
  • Attracting (rather than desperately chasing after) ready, eager clients
  • Finally feeling relaxed about and supported by their finances
  • Start being, doing and having what they truly desire (regardless of the price tags involved!)

Product deliverable includes three file types: MS Word, PowerPoint and Canva.

Here’s a screen shot of the journal content that you’ll receive once your order processes:

Go here to learn more and order the Coach Glue Abundance Journal

Dream Life Journal Pages from Coach Glue

Do your clients feel like their life could use an overhaul? Is it time to reassess where they’ve been so they can get where they want to go? Journaling is an incredibly affective approach to self development and can be the catalyst for change in the lives of people who seek your coaching support.

The Dream Life Journal from Coach Glue comes with private label rights to edit and sell as your own.

You have so many options for making the most of this done-for-you journaling content. Find some ideas, below:

  • Set this up as a group coaching activity. You can get your followers going with a week-long, 14-day, or month-long journaling course with you as their guide. Host from a private group on Facebook, from email, or even in person.
  • Present the journal along with your coaching services discovery package. This content will get the wheels turning so your clients can begin to make forward strides in their life.
  • Create a video presentation that walks students through the journey of journaling so they can get clear on the path they’d like to take with their life, business, career, health, finances, relationships and cherished hobbies.
  • Offer this set of journal pages as a free download to get more people on your list. Or send it as a free gift to say thanks for your business!
  • Present the journal pages as an add-on product that clients can order via email.

Here’s a screen shot of what the pages look like after download:

Learn more about the Dream Life Journal from Coach Glue, and order here