Color Monthly

Under the Sea Coloring Pages Calendar with Commercial or Personal Rights


Your coloring page customers will love this beautifully designed set of coloring pages and more with an “Under the Sea” theme.
Here’s what you get – a total of 92 pages!

  1. Cover
  2. “This Book Belongs To” Bookplate
  3. (12) Undated Monthly “At a Glance” Important Info Pages
  4. (24) Undated Dual-Page Full Monthly Calendars
  5. (12) Undated Single-Page Full Monthly Calendars
  6. (12) Themed Gratitude Pages
  7. (12) Month Coloring Pages (each one says the name of the month)
  8. (4) Notes Pages
  9. (6) Quote Coloring Pages
  10. (6) Themed Patterns Coloring Pages

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Women’s Health Coloring Planner Pages with Coupon for 30% off

A new offer has come out from Rayven of Color Monthly. This is a 29-page package featuring a Women’s Health theme

regularly $46.90 for Combo Package

Coupon code: HEALTH30 will save 30% on the Regular, Full-Color OR Combo package

Here’s what the pages look like:

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This offer ends July 4, 2022.

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NEW Vikings Coloring Pages from Color Monthly

Now here’s a creative theme for your next low content release to offer on Etsy, Amazon, or even just pick up a copy for personal use.

Color Monthly just released these beautifully designed coloring pages with a vikings theme.

The entire 30-page package just $27 with coupon VIKINGS from today through June 20, 2022.

Vikings Coloring Pages with Private Label & Commercial Rights.

Go here to view Viking themed coloring page samples and order.


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Alice in Wonderland Coloring Page Designs Printables with Commercial Resell Rights

Here’s a message from Rayven, chief creator at Color Monthly.

Hello my friends! Rayven here with Color Monthly PLR and today we launch our Alice in Wonderland Coloring Page Designs.

These turned out SPECTACULAR! We illustrated quotes from the book and your customers will LOVE them!

Private label rights license is as follows:

Purchasers have full permission to:

  • Alter/rebrand the pages/elements of the pages in any way
  • Create merchandise with the pages/elements of the pages
  • Create a membership site selling coloring pages
  • Sell the coloring pages as a package, or element of a larger package/product
  • Offer pages as a bonus for a paid product or membership
  • Offer pages as a resource within a paid membership
  • Offer the pages as a bonus for paying clients
  • Print the pages and give them away to customers or members in person
  • Print the pages and sell them to customers or members in person
  • Offer the pages as an optin resource

30 coloring pages are now just $27 with coupon code ALICE. Offer runs May 10 to May 16, 2022

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Storybook Coloring Pages with Resale Rights, Limited Licenses Available

Are you in search of a wonderful, whimsical coloring page and story book package, to rebrand under your name and offer on Amazon, Etsy or another digital product platform?

Color Monthly has created a beautiful coloring pages and storybook combo in one with resell rights.

This terrific tale follows the story of a young dragon, the last of his kind, who sails off in a hot air balloon in search of remaining relatives and finds himself on a delightful adventure.

30 Coloring Pages in 8.5 x 11
3 Full-Color Front & Back Cover Options
3 Matching Title Coloring Pages
All files in PDF, JPG, and PSD
1 of 50 limited licenses

Limited availability for this product. Only 50 licenses offered, please see product page for resale rights permissions and rules.

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Launch Your Printables Business with the Fresh Start Bundle from Color Monthly

Not only does Rayven of Color Monthly run her printables business like a champ but she also packages up starter kits for people who want to do what she does.

If you’re ready to catapult into the highly lucrative printables market in 2022 then check out what Rayven has put together for you.

December 9 through December 19th you got a special offer on this which I’m going to share right here.

The basic package is just $27 and deluxe is $47.

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Tropical Plants Coloring Pages with Commercial Rights

Brand new! Tropical Plants Coloring Pages with private label and commercial resell rights!

Color Monthly PLR launches Tropical Plants Coloring pages today. 30 pages of coloring designs with private label and commercial rights.

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Get $18 off thru November 15th, 2021. 

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Essential Oil Planner Pages with Resell Rights

Anyone who uses essential oils knows that a printable planner will come in handy to help you organize your oils use.

Coloring pages with essential oils also add variety and a fun creative element!

You can find both essential oils coloring pages and planner pages right here on the Color Monthly website

If you offer essential oils to a list of customers, you can supply them with these planner pages as an opt-in gift that they’ll receive when they sign up to hear from you via email.

Essential oils planner pages also come in handy if you’re conducting in person or virtual essential oils classes. You can hand them out free at the start of the class and suggests that people record their blends and recipes.

Or throw the essential oils planner pages in as a free bonus for people who sign up for a product package that you are offering on your holistic website.

Discover more about the essential oils planner pages and coloring pages from Color Monthly right here

Please note that the individual coloring pages are listed first, but if you continue scrolling you will see the planners available.

Essential Oils Coloring Pages with Commercial Rights

Do you create printable products that speak to an essential oils or holistic healing audience?

Essential oils and Herbal Coloring Pages with private label and commercial resell right


These essential oils themed coloring pages with commercial rights can be sold as your own product or added to an existing product of yours.

If you are already creating essential oils planner Pages then these coloring pages can be the perfect addition to add value to your product and or create a deal for your customers.

Go here to check out Essential Oils Coloring Pages now