Done-for-You Coaching Content

Business Journal with Written Content – Private Label Rights Product

Your business coaching clients and entrepreneur audience would love a business journal to help them get clear on goals, focus on success, and celebrate their business accomplishments.

Offer them professional quality Canva journal pages and written content from Coach Glue.  You get a professionally designed Canva journal template, PLUS direction and ideas for how to use the journal.

Coach Glue’s Advice for Using this Journal Template in Your Business:

  • Invite your followers to a “Daily Journal Challenge”.  Run it from Facebook, your member area, or via email.
  • Add video! Record yourself introducing the journaling challenge for each day. Send or share the link to the video so your users can follow along.
  • Do a “self-coaching” version where your buyers can download an ebook version of the journal to work on during their free time.* (My own addition)

How to order and use the Dream Business Journal content:

Download the content package. Click the provided Canva journal link, and log in. Save it as your own copy. Add your branding and edits, and then save as a PDF.
Upload your PDF document to your web server, then set up the product for sale. When your customers make a purchase, they can download the journal immediately.

This journal is regularly $47. Use coupon code 50 to get this done-for-you coaching content product at half price! Offer ends Thursday, July 21, 2022 at midnight.

Go here to read more about the Coach Glue Dream Business Journal, and order.


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Summer Jamboree from Thrive Anywhere

Just a few days left for Lynette’s Summer Jamboree sale on digital and printable products.

This is a special savings event hosting an array of products submitted by the Thrive Anywhere community. Each product is $9. Pick and choose the ones that apply to your business!

Check out Thrive Anywhere’s Template Pack #1.

It’s a big set of templates that includes:

  • Over 40 workbook template pages.
  • Matching Instagram mockup templates.
  • Matching Pinterest mockup templates.
  • Matching blog banner mockup templates.
  • Matching Instagram post templates.
  • Matching Instagram story templates.
  • Matching Facebook post templates.

In total, you’re getting over 58 pieces of templates for only $9! And, you get it in Canva. One of my favorite design tools.

Get access to the shop page and check it out for yourself

Offer ends June 30, 2022.

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100 Days to Develop a Habit of Gratefulness Journal | Gratitude Journal with PLR or Commercial Rights

Did you know that getting into a gratitude practice brings its share of mental and physical health benefits? Taking time each day to focus on what you have to be thankful about releases calming, feel-good chemicals in the brain. It’s a perfect activity to help you wind down after a busy day and ease into the bedtime hour prepared for a restful, sound sleep.

A Gratitude Journal Will Set You on the Path to a More Grateful Life

Over time, keeping up with a gratitude practice will help you relieve stress and improve focus. Studies have shown that people who commit to a daily gratitude practice enjoy the following:

  • Feeling calmer in general
  • Decrease in anxiety
  • Less likely to become depressed
  • Deeper, more restful sleep
  • Improved ability to concentrate
  • Relationships are less strained
  • Communication is easier and less stressful
  • Getting more done in the course of a day
  • Improved immune function

Lynette of Thrive Anywhere has a beautiful, gratitude themed journal that you can offer to clients as a paid product, group coaching challenge, or use one on one in your work with clients.

Go here to learn what’s included with Lynette’s 100 Days to Develop a Habit of Gratefulness Journal with commercial resell rights.


Anger Reflection Journal – Help Clients Work Through Emotional Blocks

Anger is a common theme that people need help working through. Your coaching clients or counseling patients likely struggle with some heavy emotions. Do you have material prepared to them come to terms with how they feel, so they can move past what blocks them and onto awareness, forgiveness and a peaceful heart?

The Anger Reflection Journal will help you help your clients put a name to the intense feeling known as anger, so they can move past troubling emotions that weigh so heavily on their mind and heart. This beautiful, professional quality journaling content package comes with private label rights. You get to add your logo, branding and other company details, change it in any way you like, and sell as your own.

Anger Reflection Journal from Thrive Anywhere

What can you do with an anger reflection journal?

  • Sell it as a standalone product on your website
  • Add it as an upsell from emails that you send out
  • Share the journal for clients to work on individually
  • Offer it as a themed, group coaching class
  • Anything else you can think of to help people move through difficult emotions that hold them back from living and engaging meaningfully

Go here to pick up your own copy of this anger management journal content template now

“Turn It Off” Digital Detox Journal With Private Label Rights

Recent studies have been conducted that show electronics use impacts our nervous system. Too many alerts from our smart phones, the sounds of the phone ringing or making other noises when out of reach put our body into “fight or flight” survival mode. This brings an increase in heart rate, shallow breathing and tensing of body muscles.

If we don’t learn to curb our tech use, this could greatly impact both mental and physical health of future generations. Help spread awareness of the importance of a digital detox. Here’s a beautiful journal pack from Thrive Anywhere that you can share or sell with your life coaching clients or self help followers.

Digital Detox Journal Pages from Thrive Anywhere

Here’s Lynette Chandler’s complete Digital Detox journal pages pack, including written journal prompts, lots of questions for your clients to fill out, and plenty of printable pages. Here’s what’s included:

  • Professionally Designed Journal Pages (In Letter, 6X9, A4, A5. JPG, PDF, PPTX and INDD
  • 3 Mockup Images (In JPG and PSD)
  • 5 Divider Pages (In Letter, Half size, A4, A5. JPG, PDF, PPTX and INDD)
  • 10 Social Media Images (In JPG and PSD)
  • 30 Social Media Posts (In DOCX & CSV)

Learn about the Digital Detox Journal with PLR Rights on this page

Dream Life Journal Pages from Coach Glue

Do your clients feel like their life could use an overhaul? Is it time to reassess where they’ve been so they can get where they want to go? Journaling is an incredibly affective approach to self development and can be the catalyst for change in the lives of people who seek your coaching support.

The Dream Life Journal from Coach Glue comes with private label rights to edit and sell as your own.

You have so many options for making the most of this done-for-you journaling content. Find some ideas, below:

  • Set this up as a group coaching activity. You can get your followers going with a week-long, 14-day, or month-long journaling course with you as their guide. Host from a private group on Facebook, from email, or even in person.
  • Present the journal along with your coaching services discovery package. This content will get the wheels turning so your clients can begin to make forward strides in their life.
  • Create a video presentation that walks students through the journey of journaling so they can get clear on the path they’d like to take with their life, business, career, health, finances, relationships and cherished hobbies.
  • Offer this set of journal pages as a free download to get more people on your list. Or send it as a free gift to say thanks for your business!
  • Present the journal pages as an add-on product that clients can order via email.

Here’s a screen shot of what the pages look like after download:

Learn more about the Dream Life Journal from Coach Glue, and order here