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Potpourri Printables with Commercial Rights

If you love to work with herbs, harvest your own flowers and other botanicals, and would like to lend a professional organizational touch to your herbal concoctions then take a look at this beautiful potpourri printables package from Sue at Createful Journals.

You’ll be able to list ingredients, preserve details of your recipes, and record your best blends to refer to year after year.

Potpourri printables from Createful Journals


You get the commercial rights to change the printable pages any way you like and resell as your own

This digital product would make a great gift to share or sell to your online audience of herbalists, gardeners and shamans.

Please note, this includes digital files only. You will not receive a physical product with this purchase. This document is fully customizable and can be multi-purposed again and again.

Explore what’s included and view samples of this lovely package of Potpourri Printables

Offer a Fermentation Class | Try Mason Jar Fermenting with This Handy Planner for Food Preservation | Commercial Resell Rights Included

Fermentation is a food preservation method that has regained interest in these uncertain times. It’s an easy way to increase gut-friendly bacteria to promote healthy digestion. It’s also a way to make your harvest go the distance.

Like any preservation method, there’s a right and wrong way to ferment foods. Whether you’re trying your own recipe for kimchi, brining pickles, making homemade sauerkraut or brewing beer, fermentation has its own, necessary special process to follow. If a recipe could be considered food science, fermentation is the next step up. You need to be fastidious with record keeping and write those exact measurements and processes down for repeat use.

This Fermentation Planner Will Help You Stay Organized With Food Preservation This Harvest Season

Are you already an expert in making fermented foods? Or are you someone who’s looking to experiment with fermentation? In either case, this fermentation planner from Planning Addicts will be a must-have for your old-fashioned kitchen. Gardeners will love taking their harvest to the next level – preservation of nutritious foods to sustain hunger over the long winter and beyond. An amazing way to stretch the food budget and enjoy healthy, homegrown produce and other favorite foods year-round.

Here are some things you might try fermenting at home:

  • Sourdough breads
  • Home brewed beer
  • Salami
  • Yogurt
  • Cheese
  • Cucumbers
  • Green beans
  • Cabbage
  • Beets
  • Green tomatoes
  • Horseradish

What can you do with this Fermentation Planner with Commercial Resell Rights?

  • Share for free as an opt-in gift to get new subscribers on your list of Food Preservation tip seekers, food blog fans, gardening enthusiasts or simple living and homesteading readers
  • Use it to plan and organize your own fermentation projects
  • Offer it to students when they sign up for your in-person or virtual fermentation classes that you might hold around beer brewing, making kombucha, preparing kimchi, pickling foods to preserve in Mason jars, or any other workshop of this type

NOTE: This is a printable product. Digital file included only. You will not receive a physical item when you order this planner.

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Organic Gardening Low Content Printables – Templates

Love gardening? Need printable pages to catalog your gardening plans? With personal and commercial use rights, these professional quality gardening page layouts from Sue at Createful Journals will plant the seeds for creativity while keeping you organized with your gardening endeavors.

This is a screen shot of just some of the templates. You get a total of 16 printable pages. The total package includes 2 Sets of Templates – My Organic Garden + Monthly Logs & Trackers

Organic Gardening Printables – Editable Page Templates

Need gardening content to share? Your purchase of these low content gardening pages grants you permission to resell or offer them as a free gift for your gardening website visitors. Ideas for use:

  • Add them to a gardening course that you offer on Teachable, Ruzuku or a similar course-selling platform.
  • Insert the pages into your ebook document, then save as a PDF to upload for sale on your website or any of the digital ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, Etsy, Gumroad, e-junkie or Woo Commerce.
  • Offer as a gift to people who sign up for your emails. Set up an automated email that goes out after someone subscribes, and include a download link of the pages that gives them access to the PDF.
  • Distribute these printables at your next in-person gardening workshop. Make a great parting gift to offer as a thank-you.

Explore Organic Gardening Low Content Printables – Page Templates in detail and order

Herb Garden Printables Pack – Digital Design Templates

Grow your gardening website or online membership with Garden Printables from Sue at Createful Journals. These are available in letter-sized print format. Use the file templates for personal and commercial use.

Ideas for what to create from these templates to sell as your own or offer as an opt-in gift:

  • Use as a Printables Pack to sell on Etsy or Shopify
  • Use as the basis of your Herbal Recipe Books that you sell in PDF format
  • Make into an herb garden journal to distribute at your in-person classes, or offer to customers for personal use
  • Add the pages to a gardening planner that you sell or share
  • Add to a homesteading planner that you sell or share

Herb Garden Printables Pack: Explore Product Samples and Order on Createful Journals