Low Content PLR

Free Advent Calendar from EKit Hub with Commercial Use Rights

Get the commercial rights to this cute Christmas Advent Calendar from Alice and Yusef of Ekit Hub.

The “Countdown to Christmas” Printable Advent Calendar makes a fun, cut-and-paste craft. You get to share this as a free download to get more people to sign up for your list.

Flip it over for 24 random acts of kindness printed on the back of each day.

Download includes files in PowerPoint, PNG and PDF format.

License: Private label, commercial resell rights.

What to do with this free advent calendar printable product?

  • Brand it with your company logo
  • Type in your own special offers
  • Include it in your own printables package to resell to your customers.
  • Offer as an opt-in gift
  • Add it as part of a goodie bag you’re giving away with purchase

Sign up at Ekit Hub and download your free advent calendar to set this up for the holiday season!

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12 Months of Homeschooling Content from Ekit Hub

Do you run a blog or website for homeschooling parents? This audience has only gotten bigger since the quarantine of 2020. Alice and Yusef of Ekit Hub have a terrific homeschooling printables package with private label rights to use with your homeschooling audience.

Here’s an overview of what you get  – they have positively overstuffed this one.

  • 12 months of homeschooling printables and PLR articles
  • 12 sets of PLR coloring pages
  • 12 article sets of 5 articles each
  • 12 packs of card decks – homeschool is the perfect audience for card decks. Think flash cards!
  • 12 homeschooling reports to build your list and grow traffic
  • 12 homeschooling activity books
  • 12 homeschooling workbooks… and much more!

Go here to see exactly what you get in this content-stuffed PLR package that speaks to the homeschooling audience.

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Createful Journals Low Content Printables 60% off Birthday Sale

Hello! For those looking to profit from the printables industry, Sue of Createful Journals has a 60% off birthday sale happening right now.

Happy Birthday Sue!!

It’s a great time to stock up on printables like journal pages, planner pages, trackers and more. 

You can set these up as-is for sale on Etsy or Kindle, or you can use the templates and morph them into your own creations.

Additionally, Sue launches terrific training courses to help people create products and make money in the printables industry. You’ll find those on the site for 60% off also.

Finally, Sue offers value priced monthly memberships for those who are serious about launching to a timetable. Those are 60% off also! 

It’s only 60 hours for this offer, use coupon code APRIL60.

Go here to check out everything Sue has on the site


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Christmas PLR Printables from Becky Beach

‘Tis the season to make Christmas themed products and sell them online. If you are an Etsy creator you’re going to want to jump on this digital product creation shortcut.

36-Page Merry Christmas Planner, Printables with Commercial Rights

Here’s what you get!

Includes the following Creator elements to get you going with your own products that you can add these pages right into:

  • 30 clipart images
  • 24 digital papers
  • 2 sticker sheets for Cricut users
  • 2 stickers sheets for hand cut-out, patterns
  • 30 digital stickers included in this bundle too!

Split the products up to sell separately (except for the clipart) or sell it as a big bundle for more money.

The planner template comes in 8.5 x 11, 8 x 10, and A4 sizes and has 25 pages.

PowerPoint, PDF, and Canva templates available!

Offer Christmas-themed digital products and make yourself a nice chunk of change for holiday shopping.

Go here to explore the complete Christmas printables pack from Becky Beach

Set Your Goals Workbook with PLR Rights

Can you use some really nice, professional quality coaching materials? Have you thought about the value of offering goal setting tools for your clients?

Even if you are not a life coach or a business coach, even if you’re just a person who loves to get ideas and tasks on paper, this goal setting workbook will help you… well honestly, achieve your goals LOL.

Check out the Set Your Goals Workbook from Thrive Anywhere. With private label rights to sell or share as your own digital product!

I’m writing this around Halloween. At this phase of the business game, not setting goals can really hurt people like us who work for ourselves and need to constantly be setting plans in motion.

On the other hand, if you and or your clients are already in good shape with goals, this type of simple but highly actionable tool can take you to the next level as far as income goes.

Should you use this right away? Sure, if you have space in your schedule. But if not you can tuck it away to use and reuse in the near and distant future.

Quarter 4 is a very profitable time of the year, or at least can be if you come in prepared. People are in a spending and expansive mindset at this time. Makes this a good time to pull out a goals workbook.

Quarter one (January to April) also hits the ground running, but more of the thrifty people typically fall off the wagon after they get the Christmas credit card bill. If you want to attract the ballsy kind who are ready to jump into what’s next, then have this Set Your Goals workbook in your back pocket to use with clients who are up for the challenge.

Even if you don’t get a chance to use this in the busy Thanksgiving and Holiday season, even if you fall behind after the turn of the new year, you can whip this out in the spring, the summer, or any season after because setting goals never goes out of style.

Honestly, anybody who is not ready to set goals working with a coach maybe should not be working with a coach. In fact, I would recommend that every single coach have a viable tool to help clients set and reach goals.

This professional quality client material can be used in any number of ways. You can sell it on your website. You can give it away. You can include it as an add-on for people who sign up for your coaching packages. You can take it out to work on with individual clients. And anything else you can think of.

Lynette of Thrive Anywhere creates some of the best quality content around. They call it low content I guess, but there’s nothing low about this. High quality. High profit potential. Something to take your coaching skills into the tangible realm. A great, reusable template to add to your toolbox and find multiple purposes for use.

Check out the Set Your Goals workbook now, this one is definitely a coach’s keeper!

Law of Attraction Printable Designs including Journal Pages, Card Decks, Posters, More

  • 10 – 18″ x 24″ poster graphics
  • 72-Page My Law of Attraction Journal
  • 72-Page My Mindfulness Journal
  • 2 Journal Cover Sets
  • 36-Card Law of Attraction Deck
  • 36-Card Mindfulness Deck

These printable designs include commercial resell rights.

Easily transfer to print and set up in your own online shop.

Done-for-You Law of Attraction Card Decks, Journals, Home Decor, more

Blank, Undated Weekly Planner Templates

A printed planner is a handy thing to have. If you work as a business coach or life coach online, this is something your clients and followers will appreciate. From the perspective of your online audience, a planner helps people stay organized, set and achieve goals. It’s something tangible that you can hold in your hands and write on. In the stressed-out information age when smart phones nag us worse than an overbearing helicopter mom, it’s a relief to be able to pick up your planner and a pen and keep your intentions concrete and reality-based.

Generic, Weekly Planner Pages with Bonus Ecovers and Extra Blank Pages

You’ll find tons of themed planners and other types of low content on this website, they’re my recommendations from trusted printable content creators. But there are times when only generic will do. That’s why Sue of Createful Journals has made this set of blank planner pages that you can basically turn into anything you want.

What if you don’t like orange planners?

Yes, the pages of this planner have been styled orange. But if that’s not your color, you get to edit this, change colors, add your logo, switch to a different font… and you can even add dates. If you want… no pressure!

How can you use this blank planner to grow your list and get repeat business?

  • Offer the planner as a gift that people can download via a link once they sign up to hear from you on email.
  • Send a link to the planner as part of your coaching welcome package.
  • Insert the planner into your next journaling course, ebook or coaching package.
  • Print out copies of the planner and hand them out at your next in-person event.
  • Print out copies to distribute at your next in-person workshop or class.
  • Sell the planner from a sales page on your website.
  • Edit the planner design and morph it into something new – then sell or give away that!

Go here to see what’s included and order this blank, undated planner pack

Herb Garden Printables Pack – Digital Design Templates

Grow your gardening website or online membership with Garden Printables from Sue at Createful Journals. These are available in letter-sized print format. Use the file templates for personal and commercial use.

Ideas for what to create from these templates to sell as your own or offer as an opt-in gift:

  • Use as a Printables Pack to sell on Etsy or Shopify
  • Use as the basis of your Herbal Recipe Books that you sell in PDF format
  • Make into an herb garden journal to distribute at your in-person classes, or offer to customers for personal use
  • Add the pages to a gardening planner that you sell or share
  • Add to a homesteading planner that you sell or share

Herb Garden Printables Pack: Explore Product Samples and Order on Createful Journals


Home Business Finance Planner Templates Bundle PLR

Financial planners are a perennial favorite for both home and business budgeters. This low content bundle of financial planning pages with private label rights is from Sue at Createful Journals.

Print off for your personal use. Or, offer to your business clients, finance website visitors, or the people who have signed up to receive financial planning advice from you. Here’s an overview of what’s included. Includes commercial resell rights so you can offer as your own product and set up for sale, or give away to grow your list.

  • Cover page
  • Annual Finances 
  • Bill Payment Logs 
  • Bill Payment Tracker 
  • Savings Tracker 
  • Debt Repayment Tracker
  • Credit Card Tracker 
  • Summary Sheet
  • Monthly Budget Sheets
  • Monthly Income & Expenses 
  • Weekly Income Log
  • Weekly Finance Log
  • Annual Business Summary
  • Inventory  
  • Invoices Cash
  • Sales & Purchases
  • Monthly Review

NOTE: Deliverable is a digital file only. You will not receive a physical item.

Learn what’s included with the Home Biz Finance Planner Bundle here.

Student Reading Logs Templates | Perfect for Summer Reading, Home School, More

Searching for a handy organizational tool to help your voracious reader log all the books they’ve consumed? The Student Reading Logs Template from Createful Journals brings a cheerful design to this popular, printable item. Perfect for home schooling moms looking to get organized, teachers would like to print out and distribute reading logs to your students, or anyone with a love of books and lists.

This product is for personal and commercial resell rights use. That means you can share or sell it… but you don’t have to!

NOTE: Deliverable is a digital file only. You will not receive a physical product.

Explore Student Reading Logs Printable Templates here

Please note that this link leads to a page of assorted templates. Scroll down a ways to find the student reading log!