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Prayer Planner Journal Coloring Pages: “Take Me to Church”Theme

Jenn of Planning Addicts always does a beautiful job designing her printables and planner packages. Her Take Me to Church prayer journal with coloring pages is no exception.

Journaling is one way to strengthen your relationship with God and use prayer to discover God’s ever presence in your daily life. These journal pages will help deepen your spiritual connections as a Christian and the coloring pages will provide a creative activity to help manage stress during challenging times.

Use coupon code CHAPEL to get this half price starting July 14th.

50% off is good through July 20th.

Learn more and order on the Planning Addicts website


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NEW Vikings Coloring Pages from Color Monthly

Now here’s a creative theme for your next low content release to offer on Etsy, Amazon, or even just pick up a copy for personal use.

Color Monthly just released these beautifully designed coloring pages with a vikings theme.

The entire 30-page package just $27 with coupon VIKINGS from today through June 20, 2022.

Vikings Coloring Pages with Private Label & Commercial Rights.

Go here to view Viking themed coloring page samples and order.


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Alice in Wonderland Coloring Page Designs Printables with Commercial Resell Rights

Here’s a message from Rayven, chief creator at Color Monthly.

Hello my friends! Rayven here with Color Monthly PLR and today we launch our Alice in Wonderland Coloring Page Designs.

These turned out SPECTACULAR! We illustrated quotes from the book and your customers will LOVE them!

Private label rights license is as follows:

Purchasers have full permission to:

  • Alter/rebrand the pages/elements of the pages in any way
  • Create merchandise with the pages/elements of the pages
  • Create a membership site selling coloring pages
  • Sell the coloring pages as a package, or element of a larger package/product
  • Offer pages as a bonus for a paid product or membership
  • Offer pages as a resource within a paid membership
  • Offer the pages as a bonus for paying clients
  • Print the pages and give them away to customers or members in person
  • Print the pages and sell them to customers or members in person
  • Offer the pages as an optin resource

30 coloring pages are now just $27 with coupon code ALICE. Offer runs May 10 to May 16, 2022

Go here to learn more and order.


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Storybook Coloring Pages with Resale Rights, Limited Licenses Available

Are you in search of a wonderful, whimsical coloring page and story book package, to rebrand under your name and offer on Amazon, Etsy or another digital product platform?

Color Monthly has created a beautiful coloring pages and storybook combo in one with resell rights.

This terrific tale follows the story of a young dragon, the last of his kind, who sails off in a hot air balloon in search of remaining relatives and finds himself on a delightful adventure.

30 Coloring Pages in 8.5 x 11
3 Full-Color Front & Back Cover Options
3 Matching Title Coloring Pages
All files in PDF, JPG, and PSD
1 of 50 limited licenses

Limited availability for this product. Only 50 licenses offered, please see product page for resale rights permissions and rules.

Get full details on Color Monthly now

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Christmas Home Coloring Pages with Commercial Resale Rights

Here’s a beautiful high-quality set of Christmas coloring pages from Jenn at Planning Addicts to add to your low content collection of commercial resell rights digital products.

Use these for your own personal projects, or customize and sell them on your website.

Ideas for how to monetize Christmas at Home coloring pages:

  • Print out the PDF files
  • Share with family or artistic friends to get creative for the holiday season
  • Color at your leisure, ease stress and improve concentration
  • Frame your best coloring pages and wall-mount your creations
  • Add coloring pages to holiday gift baskets for family and friends
  • Print the PDF files to make a collection of coloring pages and add to a binder

How to make commercial resell rights products from coloring pages to use in your business

  • Edit the file to include your business logo, company name and any other changes you’d like to make
  • Combine with other printables or related products such as coloring pencils and set up for sale
  • Input the pages into a more comprehensive print-on-demand product
  • Offer the coloring pages as a free opt-in gift for people to download when they sign up for your emails

Learn more about these Christmas coloring pages with resell rights on Jenn’s website here


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Essential Oils Coloring Pages with Commercial Rights

Do you create printable products that speak to an essential oils or holistic healing audience?

Essential oils and Herbal Coloring Pages with private label and commercial resell right


These essential oils themed coloring pages with commercial rights can be sold as your own product or added to an existing product of yours.

If you are already creating essential oils planner Pages then these coloring pages can be the perfect addition to add value to your product and or create a deal for your customers.

Go here to check out Essential Oils Coloring Pages now

Christmas, Holiday Coloring Pages with Commercial Resell Rights

Stock up on Christmas coloring pages before the holidays! These come with private label rights and commercial resale rights. So you can use them in your own products that you sell on your website.

Here’s a sneak peek at all of the coloring pages PLR packages available from Color Monthly!

Choose from the following Christmas themed coloring packs:

  • Silly Santa coloring pages
  • Vintage Santa coloring pages
  • Christmas party coloring pages and planner

Visit Color Monthly to explore their selection of Christmas coloring pages with private label and commercial rights

Meditation Journal for Health Coaches to Share or Sell | With PLR and Commercial Resell Rights

Health coaches, coloring pages add a creative dimension to the work you do with clients. This is a hot activity designed to promote relaxation, increase focus, and take us out of fight or flight which is becoming far too common in the digital age.

Meditation and coloring both relax the mind and bring us into the present moment. We feel calmer, more centered and it’s better for both mental and physical health to include activities like this. Your audience of health, wellness and self care enthusiasts will agree.

What can you do with these high quality Meditation Coloring Pages from Color Monthly?

  • Add to a goodie bag that you hand out at in-person events
  • Share with clients in your one-on-one work – makes a great coaching product add-on
  • Offer as an opt-in to get more subscribers

This Bundle Includes the Following Beautifully Illustrated Meditation Themed Coloring Pages:

  1. Simple Beginnings
  2. Meditation Tips
  3. Morning Journal
  4. Mindful Meditation
  5. Canvas Of Emotions
  6. Night Journal
  7. Cultivating Growth Through Meditation
  8. Inspiring Quote
  9. Weekly Reflection
  10. Weekly Planner
  11. Aromatherapy
  12. Mindfulness Tips
  13. Setting Intentions
  14. After Meditation Journal
  15. Meditation Log
  16. Exploring Emotions
  17. Styles Of Meditation To Explore
  18. Meditation Steps Planner
  19. Meditation Habit Tracker
  20. Cruising Down Memory Lane
  21. 30 Day Meditation Challenge
  22. Inspiring Quote
  23. Letting Go Of Negativity
  24. Relax The Mind
  25. Self-Check
  26. Opening To Gratitude
  27. Notes
  28. Meditation Tracker

Learn more and order Meditation Journal Coloring Pages here

My Blog Biz Coloring Pages and Planner in One

It’s coloring pages, it’s a planner for your business. No… it’s both! Your business building clients and followers need to destress after another busy day of computing. Give them an activity that piques creativity and relaxes the nervous system by engaging both the mind and hands.

This coloring pages printable content makes a sweet giveaway. What can you do with it?

  • Attract new subscribers to your list
  • Offer as a little gift to your coaching clients
  • Hand out at in-person coaching events

NOTE: The end deliverable is a digital file. No physical product is included.

Visit Color Monthly to see what’s included with the My Blog Biz Coloring Pages pack