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Mindful Positivity Journal with Bonus Coupon for Related PLR Articles

Are you a life coach wanting to share a positivity practice with your fans and followers?

So many of the world’s citizens remain trapped in negative thinking and it is needless.

If you’ve been on TikTok you might hear people talking about the generational curse. That’s part of it.

The good news is, the negative voices of the past can be changed if a person really wants to turn a new leaf. As a life coach, you can guide people to this empowering mindset.

Lynette Chandler of Thrive Anywhere has just released a Mindful Positivity workbook. It’s ideal to use with clients.

You can also offer it as an opt-in or add on gift. Running a membership? This would make a perfect resource for your member area.

I have a couple of article packs from Wordfeeder, that would match this workbook beautifully. They are:

Positive Mindset Shift – PLR Articles

Mindfulness Every Day PLR Articles

*The mindfulness articles are currently available with our life coach PLR monthly. If you Sign up for $11.97 they will be in your member area under 2021 releases at the top.

If you are already a life coach PLR monthly member then you have the mindfulness content in your library right now!

Log in and find it under LIFE COACH PLR MONTHLY 2021

I’ll offer the Positive Mindset Shift ala carte PLR for 60% off to anyone who picks up this workbook from Lynette.

Just email me your receipt from Lynette and I will forward you a coupon code with a link to order the articles.

Lynette’s Mindful Positivity PLR Product Includes…

1 x workbook
5 x dividers
3 x professionally edited mockups
30 x social media blurbs
10 x social media images

Regular price: $47
Early bird price: $23
Good through: May 17, 2022
Code: None needed

Visit Lynette’s website and learn more to order



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Professional Quality Career Planner and Workbook for Coaches

Do you work as a career coach or transition coach? Do you help people identify their career strengths, make a plan for further education and get the training and skills needed to get where they want to go in their careers?

It’s great to have professional materials on hand both to use for yourself and to assist your clients with career development.

Here’s a great digital product that you may want to pick up for yourself or to use with clients.

Lynette’s Career Planner Workbook Package Now Live – Private Label Rights

This is a career planning tool to help you chart your career path and plan for growth.

The workbook can help you or your clients understand your current role as well as the roles you aspire to, based on your strengths, professional interests, behaviors and experience.

Use it to identify the right opportunities and plan a sequence of actions for achieving your end-goal.

Includes Canva and Affinity Designer versions along with Lynette’s new pricing structure.

Go here to learn more and order

Offer runs through March 8th, 2022.

Set Your Goals Workbook with PLR Rights

Can you use some really nice, professional quality coaching materials? Have you thought about the value of offering goal setting tools for your clients?

Even if you are not a life coach or a business coach, even if you’re just a person who loves to get ideas and tasks on paper, this goal setting workbook will help you… well honestly, achieve your goals LOL.

Check out the Set Your Goals Workbook from Thrive Anywhere. With private label rights to sell or share as your own digital product!

I’m writing this around Halloween. At this phase of the business game, not setting goals can really hurt people like us who work for ourselves and need to constantly be setting plans in motion.

On the other hand, if you and or your clients are already in good shape with goals, this type of simple but highly actionable tool can take you to the next level as far as income goes.

Should you use this right away? Sure, if you have space in your schedule. But if not you can tuck it away to use and reuse in the near and distant future.

Quarter 4 is a very profitable time of the year, or at least can be if you come in prepared. People are in a spending and expansive mindset at this time. Makes this a good time to pull out a goals workbook.

Quarter one (January to April) also hits the ground running, but more of the thrifty people typically fall off the wagon after they get the Christmas credit card bill. If you want to attract the ballsy kind who are ready to jump into what’s next, then have this Set Your Goals workbook in your back pocket to use with clients who are up for the challenge.

Even if you don’t get a chance to use this in the busy Thanksgiving and Holiday season, even if you fall behind after the turn of the new year, you can whip this out in the spring, the summer, or any season after because setting goals never goes out of style.

Honestly, anybody who is not ready to set goals working with a coach maybe should not be working with a coach. In fact, I would recommend that every single coach have a viable tool to help clients set and reach goals.

This professional quality client material can be used in any number of ways. You can sell it on your website. You can give it away. You can include it as an add-on for people who sign up for your coaching packages. You can take it out to work on with individual clients. And anything else you can think of.

Lynette of Thrive Anywhere creates some of the best quality content around. They call it low content I guess, but there’s nothing low about this. High quality. High profit potential. Something to take your coaching skills into the tangible realm. A great, reusable template to add to your toolbox and find multiple purposes for use.

Check out the Set Your Goals workbook now, this one is definitely a coach’s keeper!