Stunning Zodiac Planner or Journal Printables | Star Guide for Astrology Enthusiasts

Are you a student of astrology? Do you publish to an audience of astrology-minded individuals? Is astrologer your chosen career?

There’s a planner or journal for every season, and this zodiac themed set of planner and journal pages will help you or your readers set intentions accordingly.  The stars align in support of you becoming the proud owner of this beautiful, professionally designed printable set of astrology design template pages from Jenn at

Gorgeous Astrology Journal or Planner Pages – A Different Color for Each of the 4 Zodiac Elements (Fire, Air, Earth, Water)

With an absolutely stunning design giving a different color scheme for each of the four elements (fire, air, water and earth signs), this astrology journal would make a wonderful gift for you to share with clients.

What else can you do with this astrology journal or planner set?

  • Edit or change it any way you like *but honestly, it’s so beautiful there’s no reason to tinker here other than adding your company info.
  • Offer it as a standalone, paid product on your website.
  • Offer as a free gift for people who sign up as your paid members.
  • Add it to an astrology coaching bundle package that contains other elements like one-on-one consults, reports, readings, journal pages and charts.
  • Print it out and offer to new clients who book readings with you.
  • Offer for sale at trade shows or craft fairs.
  • Anything else you can think of!

Explore the Zodiac Planner or Journal Set from Jenn at