Coffee Planner and Printables from Planning Addicts

Hey, printables people! Just got this summary from Jenn at Planning Addicts reminding you of November’s printable content releases from her membership.

  • Do you offer printables or are you thinking about creating your own?
  • One way to do that is to pick up someone else’s planner and then use the template as the basis for your own creation.
  • How incredible is it that we can even do that as content creators?
  • If you’re not on your printables game yet, why not create your first product very soon and offer it as a freebie to start driving traffic to your list.
  • It’s possible that I might get into this in 2023, so far I am simply learning about this very profitable niche, and passing along some good planner content to you.

Thanks for keeping in touch with me, Dina at Planneriffic!

  • Coffee coloring pages will fuel you up for some good profit-creating possibilities
  • Then there’s the coffee planner. I don’t know about you, but I plan to keep on drinking coffee!
  • It’s not too early to prep for New Year’s low content releases. Jen has planner content for that too, and January is definitely the planning season so grab this up for just $27.

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