DFY Website Maintenance Plan with Private Label Rights

Sometimes it feels overwhelming to try and explain website management to clients.

Why? We get into the thick of our own work and lose sight of the basic categories of tasks that need tending.

In fact, we might even let potential new web design business and repeat business slip away, because the idea of having to explain what’s included or justify your prices can seem overwhelming.

Communication problems between a web developer and their clients can be as follows:

  • How will you make them understand all that is involved?
  • How will you break down services for monthly maintenance in a way that helps them really get it?
  • How do you work up a website follow-up and maintenance payment plan that is agreeable to your clients and will get you decently paid?
  • How do you make room in your busy design schedule to convey what you mean to your clients so they will continue to work with you to have the best websites they can they get them real results?

Fret not about miscommunication or absence of communication with web design clients. This content takes care of it!

Get a website maintenance package in place that works for their budget and your time.

Lynette Chandler has created a brilliant content package that hits the basic criteria for creating and managing a great website that works to build a brand, gets targeted traffic and brings profit:

Her Website Maintenance Plan comes with private label rights. Use this as-is, or customize it any way you like to present to your clients.

Areas covered:

  • Content creation
  • Design
  • Security
  • Performance
  • Usability

Who can use this?

  • A coach working with small business owners who are getting ready to launch their company websites
  • A virtual assistant working on web design for an entrepreneur, coach, or a small business owner
  • A solo business owner who is managing their own website and needs a good breakdown to help them improve performance of their website in all areas

This kit is it! No need to rack your brains trying to convey what it takes to get a website on the map and keep it there.

Lynette Chandler has done it all for you, and now you get to take this content and use it to help bring new business and repeat business for your website design services or those of your clients.

Check it out and order if this would serve you or your clients, and I think it will!

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