Ideas for Selling Journals

Journaling is huge at the moment. People are journaling about everything under the sun. This is ideal if you work as a life coach or business coach because the journal serves as a personal development tool to use with clients.

Anyone with a niche website, coach or not, can make use of journaling printables. People really like them.

What niches and topics does journaling work for? 

Pretty much anything. People are journaling emotions, experiences, goals, stories, memories, problems, personal development and anything else they want to write down and chronicle or solve on paper.

In case that’s not clicking with you, there are people out there journaling the life of their dog. They’re journaling their landscaping plans, their craft projects, their child’s early development, their summer vacation, their holiday memories, their healthy weight loss journey, home business progress…

It seems like no matter what the topic, there’s a reason to journal about it.

The journal page templates and other printables shared here grant either private label, commercial rights or both.

Add your logo and insert the pages into your own document. Or offer journal pages as is for people to download via a link.

What file format should you offer?

Typically a PDF. That way your customers will be able to print out and use the journal pages but they will not get the right to resell them.

Commercial uses of journal templates include:

  • Sell to others with private label rights
  • Insert journal pages into the document when you offer other types of printables

What platforms can be used to sell journals?

  • Aweber and MailChimp give you the option to set up an auto responder and email people journal pages via a  download link
  • Save the journal pages as a PDF and then upload it to your WordPress blog in the media area. Password protect the file and share the link along with a login for people who sign up or purchase
  • Sell your journal pages on Etsy, e-junkie or Gumroad
  • Offer journal pages for sale from your Shopify, Woocommerce or Amember store

Ideas for combining journal pages with other printables

  • Include the journal pages as a bundle pack along with a planner, tracker, workbook or coloring pages
  • Grant access to the journal as an add-on for when people buy a course or ebook from you
  • Offer your customers a free journal as a bonus if they purchase through your affiliate link

Ready to make money with journals?

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