Imagine… 6k months in online printable sales from the comfort of your home office…

  • Do you dream of working from home, making money by creating? 
  • Got computer skills and internet?
  • Willing to learn and try new things?

Hi, Dina from Planneriffic here. I wanted to share with you some life-changing nuggets of information that I just received from one of the printables selling queens, Jenn at Planning Addicts.

If you’re looking for a way to create or boost income using printables, Jenn presents a pretty strong argument as to why you’ll very likely be successful if you put in your best effort.

What are printables? 

They’re digital files that can be printed and used in a variety of ways – to plan, organize, and decorate your life.

A few quick examples of printables that sell:

Coloring pages, journaling pages, planner pages, goal trackers, grocery store checklists, spice rack labels, planting labels, wall art, clip-art illustrations, party printables… the list is neverending!

What niches go crazy for printables?

  • Teachers and educators
  • Work from home parents
  • Wedding planners
  • Holiday & seasonal
  • Home & garden
  • Party and event planners
  • Creators and artsy types
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Positivity coaches and healers
  • So many more

Want to dip your toe in the printables selling waters, but need some basic steps first? Here you go.

  1. Select a niche.
  2. Brainstorm a theme.
  3. Create the product from your idea.
  4. Choose your selling platform.

Obviously, there’s much more to this – the info gets deep. But I wanted to give you a starting point before I send you over to Jenn for some next-level insights on how to break into printables. 

My personal best tips for creating income from printables online: 

  • WATCH how other creators do it. Take notes. 
  • Pull from their bag of tricks BUT make sure to spin it uniquely to your own way.
  • Network like crazy.
  • Sign up as an affiliate and encourage other creators to sign up as your affiliate.

Online printables selling is a cozy get-together where everyone supports each other’s creations and makes affiliate income by sharing other creators’ products with their own list, which they are constantly building. 

But enough from me. I’m handing you over to the printables pro now – Jenn of Planning Addicts.

Visit this page to read Jenn’s advice. If this sounds like something you could very well see yourself doing, follow through! 

From there, sign up for her list. Watch and learn firsthand how printables sellers manage their email lists to create income from home. Then, make email friends with her… do what she does… And watch your income grow!