Monetize Coloring Pages

Coloring pages are trending heavy on the web right now. It probably has something to do with the stress everybody feels from constantly being connected with their smartphones and computers.

Coloring is a very grounding and pleasurable activity and you don’t necessarily need to be a trained artist to enjoy and be good at coloring.

People who run online businesses or niche websites have found unique ways to incorporate printable coloring pages into their digital product packages.

These online sellers can become your coloring page PLR customers.

Or you can offer them coloring pages as a gift in exchange for their sign up or in appreciation for their business.

Coloring pages work well as an add-on to any digital products or coaching packages that you may offer.

Example, let’s say you have a gardening website. You’d like to present coloring pages that double as a garden planner and this is sure to go over big with your audience.

You can use it as a freebie to give out when people sign up for your list.

Or if they order some type of a gardening guide, you can bundle in the coloring pages and planner as a bonus.

The coloring pages and other types of printables that we offer on this website grant either private label, commercial rights or both.

So you can add your logo and insert the pages into your own file deliverable. Or you can simply offer them as is for people to download via a link.

What file format should you offer?

Typically a PDF. That way your customers will be able to print out and use the coloring pages but they will not get the right to resell them.

Commercial uses of coloring pages include:

  • Sell to others with private label rights
  • Insert coloring pages as the deliverable when you sell other types of printables

What platforms can you offer coloring pages from?

  • Sell or share them from Aweber via a private link that’s downloaded automatically
  • Sell or share them from a privacy protected file by your WordPress blog
  • Sell your coloring pages on Etsy, e-junkie or Gumroad
  • Offer coloring pages for sale on your Shopify, Woocommerce or Amember store

How can you offer coloring pages combined with other printables?

  • Insert the coloring page templates into a bigger printables package you may be selling such as a planner, workbook or journal
  • Offer the coloring pages as a free download that people can access when they purchase a course or ebook from you
  • Tell your customers they can get free coloring pages as a bonus if they purchase through your affiliate link

Download our guide for how to monetize coloring pages and other printables, now.

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