Monetize Recipe Pages

There’s a low content craze happening. Low content refers to printable template pages. These are digital files that you can sell on your website or offer as a free gift.

More people have returned to using a pen and paper to write things down. That may be because being on our phones and computers 24/7 has just become too much.

One thing that folks are really enjoying writing down and sharing is recipes.

If you offer recipe pages on your website you’ll definitely get a good response.

What types of online audiences will find recipe pages useful?

Home and family readers.

Beginner cooks.

Foodies in search of new recipes and cooking tips.

People on a quest for healthy meal ideas and recipes.

Those needing info on a specific type of diet or way of eating such as low carb, vegan, plant-based, Mediterranean diet, and so forth.

What file format should you offer?

Typically a PDF. That way your customers will be able to print out and use the recipe pages but they will not get the right to resell them.

Commercial uses of recipe pages include:

  • Sell to others with private label rights
  • Insert blank recipe pages as the deliverable when you sell other types of printables and PDF cookbooks

Which platforms are good for selling or sharing recipe pages?

Aweber or mailchimp, just set up an auto responder and include a thank you message along with a link for people to download the PDF.

  1. WordPress. Did you know that you can password protect a single post or file? Give people the link and a password so they can download after purchasing.
  2. Etsy, e-junkie or Gumroad, in conjunction with PayPal
  3. Set up recipe pages as a digital product to sell on Shopify, Woocommerce or your Amember store

Mix and match recipe pages with other digital goodies for people to print out

  • Include the blank recipe page templates as part of a PDF cookbook.
  • Do you run a membership such as for weight loss seekers? Sit the blank recipe page is up for people to download from their member area as a free gift
  • Offer complementary recipe pages for people to download when they purchase through your affiliate link