New! Hot! $10 Monthly Printables Club. Get in on it.

Just launched! The $10 Planners Club from Jen of Planning Addicts.
As far as I’m concerned, Jenn of Planning Addicts creates some of the best-looking printables and low content I’ve seen so far.

Printables continue to be a hot seller online. People are scrambling to get product up Amazon and Etsy. 

If you want some really good templates I would go with Jenn’s.

I’m so confident in her product that she inspired this blog. I don’t even sell printables. I’m a writer.

If you join her $10 Monthly Printables Club before the first Thursday of May, you’ll have access to download April’s Monthly Printables Club files AND May’s content too!

Curious about what’s included?
Every month you get a new set of planner and journal templates, plus social media posters, journal prompts and editable templates for all of it!


  • PLANNER PAGES – 7 every month including Daily, weekly, monthly, habit, budget, meal planner, and lists
  • JOURNAL PAGES – At least 5 journal design pages per month
  • DAILY PROMPTS – at least 31 per month.
  • CALENDAR- At least 5 different themed dated or undated calendar pages.

COVERS- 2 suitable for printing (Etsy, personal sites).

  • SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS – at least 5 social media post templates that match each month’s journal in 1200 x 1200px good for Instagram & Facebook.

Go here for the full story on Jenn’s $10 Printables Club now