Organic Gardening Low Content Printables – Templates

Love gardening? Need printable pages to catalog your gardening plans? With personal and commercial use rights, these professional quality gardening page layouts from Sue at Createful Journals will plant the seeds for creativity while keeping you organized with your gardening endeavors.

This is a screen shot of just some of the templates. You get a total of 16 printable pages. The total package includes 2 Sets of Templates – My Organic Garden + Monthly Logs & Trackers

Organic Gardening Printables – Editable Page Templates

Need gardening content to share? Your purchase of these low content gardening pages grants you permission to resell or offer them as a free gift for your gardening website visitors. Ideas for use:

  • Add them to a gardening course that you offer on Teachable, Ruzuku or a similar course-selling platform.
  • Insert the pages into your ebook document, then save as a PDF to upload for sale on your website or any of the digital ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, Etsy, Gumroad, e-junkie or Woo Commerce.
  • Offer as a gift to people who sign up for your emails. Set up an automated email that goes out after someone subscribes, and include a download link of the pages that gives them access to the PDF.
  • Distribute these printables at your next in-person gardening workshop. Make a great parting gift to offer as a thank-you.

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