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Passive Income with Etsy? YES. Make, Sell, and Resell Printables

Hello, and thanks for stopping by Planneriffic. If you’re curious about how you can start earning money with a blog and online business selling printables with private label and commercial resell rights, I have some great info for you.

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What’s great about the printables niche is that many creators offer commercial resell rights with their products.

  • Let’s say your niche is trauma recovery and healing through artistic expression.
  • You know that coloring pages make an excellent mindfulness exercise for your customers.
  • You want to create a package of coloring pages quickly, along with some minfulness exercises to guide your audience to a place of calm presence.
  • To do this, access a beautifully designed set of printable coloring pages with commercial resell rights.
  • Put together a short and informative series of mindful coloring exercises in Canva.
  • Add the coloring pages that you purchased, to the package.
  • Add any other elements you’d like – for example, if you offer trauma recovery coaching services, insert a page at the back of the publication that shares a bit about this.
  • Include a call to action and contact info with relevant links.

That’s just one example of many niche-specific printables packages you can offer, and easily set up for sale on Etsy. This is what’s known as “passive income” because you create the product one time, set it up for instant download, and then you don’t have to do much else other than keep an eye on your sales in case something goes wrong.

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