Resell Digital Products and Printables. Create Income Online. Here’s How.

Hello, and welcome to Planneriffic. You’re here because you’ve heard there’s money to be made in creating, selling, and reselling printable, digital products online. This is true!

Printables is a very big industry right now. Stress from our smart phones has created an interesting shift. People want paper again. They’re recognizing the value in picking up a pen and a physical book, like a planner or a series of clean pages, to imprint thoughts and ideas upon.

What are printables?

These are digital files (hence the description, “resell digital products) that can be printed. Popular types of printables that consumers are buying in droves right now include calendars, checklists, coloring pages, ebook templates, planner pages, tracker pages, worksheets, workbooks.

If you create printables, who will your customers be?

Coaches (including but not limited to business coaches, career coaches, creative coaches, empowerment coaches, life coaches, health coaches, recovery coaches, success coaches, transition coaches, transformation coaches, writing coaches… they go by many names)

How do you make money with printables? There are a few ways.

  • Create printables from scratch and sell the digital files for download.
  • Purchase printables that come with PLR (private label rights) and commercial resell rights. Edit them into new creations, and sell those.
  • Become an affiliate of other people’s printables. Share your affiliate links and make commissions, typically 50% on every sale but it varies.

How do you get started selling or reselling digital products like printables?

One good way is by signing up to hear from printables sellers via email. Pay attention to what they sell and their methods. Invest in a few printables purchases, so you can see exactly what’s offered, how the files are delivered, what’s included with resell rights and so forth.

From there, you can learn the tricks of the trade. Once you feel comfortable, move on to phase 2 – launching your own business online, selling and reselling digital products.

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