“Turn It Off” Digital Detox Journal With Private Label Rights

Recent studies have been conducted that show electronics use impacts our nervous system. Too many alerts from our smart phones, the sounds of the phone ringing or making other noises when out of reach put our body into “fight or flight” survival mode. This brings an increase in heart rate, shallow breathing and tensing of body muscles.

If we don’t learn to curb our tech use, this could greatly impact both mental and physical health of future generations. Help spread awareness of the importance of a digital detox. Here’s a beautiful journal pack from Thrive Anywhere that you can share or sell with your life coaching clients or self help followers.

Digital Detox Journal Pages from Thrive Anywhere

Here’s Lynette Chandler’s complete Digital Detox journal pages pack, including written journal prompts, lots of questions for your clients to fill out, and plenty of printable pages. Here’s what’s included:

  • Professionally Designed Journal Pages (In Letter, 6X9, A4, A5. JPG, PDF, PPTX and INDD
  • 3 Mockup Images (In JPG and PSD)
  • 5 Divider Pages (In Letter, Half size, A4, A5. JPG, PDF, PPTX and INDD)
  • 10 Social Media Images (In JPG and PSD)
  • 30 Social Media Posts (In DOCX & CSV)

Learn about the Digital Detox Journal with PLR Rights on this page