Use Planners to Create Income

There’s a huge market for planners online right now, across a multitude of niches. In fact, it seems like no matter who your audience is, someone’s going to appreciate a planner.

  • Planners work well as a tool for coaches to use with clients. But you don’t have to be a coach to offer planners to your customers.
  • Planners help people apply what they have learned.
  • Planners serve as a highly useful organizational and goal setting tool, especially for your female readers and customers. Chicks love planners.

The planners offered on this website come with either private label or commercial resale rights.

That means you can sell them in their current digital file format, edit the file to include your own logo OR any formatting changes you’d like to make.

You can also insert the planner pages into another type of printable product that you may be creating.

Add Planner Pages to Your E-Course to Increase Value.

Let’s say you’re putting together a course. You’d like the course to feature a variety of elements.

  • Maybe you’re including an ebook, workbook and client journal.
  • Purchase planner page templates on our site and you can insert those pages into the master file of your course.
  • Turn it into a PDF and offer for digital download with purchase.

Most coaching clients and people who shop for learning materials and journals online appreciate receiving a planner because it’s a concrete way to set and achieve goals.

So you can add your logo and insert the pages into your own file deliverable. Or you can simply offer them as is for people to download via a link.

What file format should you offer?

Typically a PDF. That way your customers will be able to print out and use the planner pages but they will not get the rights to resell them.

Commercial uses of planner pages include:

  • Sell to others with private label rights
  • Insert planner pages as the deliverable when you sell other types of printables

Which platforms are good for selling or sharing planners?

  • Aweber in conjunction with PayPal
  • Your WordPress blog. You can have people log in with a password in order to access their planner
  • Etsy, e-junkie or Gumroad, in conjunction with PayPal
  • Sell or give away planners in Shopify, Woocommerce or your Amember store

What are some ideas for combining planners with other printables?

  • Include the planner pages as part of a bigger workbook or journal that you offer as a printable PDF
  • Share a link for people to download the planner when they purchase an ebook or course from you
  • Offer a free planner for people to download when they purchase through your affiliate link

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